Connecting ENC28J60 Ethernet Module to Vampire Standalone V4

The Vampire Standalone already has on-board Ethernet. These instructions are only needed if you want to use an external Ethernet module.


  • All pins are 3.3V only. Do NOT connect 5V signals without proper level shifting.
  • Only use P22 Expansion Header (IO Header #3 here) for this purpose.
  • Apollo Team is not responsible for any damage made to your card.

1) Get an ENC28J60 Module (make sure it's 3.3V!) like this one or one of these ones.

2) Get some Dupont jumper wires (female-to-female) like these ones.

3) Connect your module to the P22 Expansion Header (IO Header #3 here) with below pinout.

4) Install and configure the network driver by following the instructions on this page.

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