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How to : Install the new cores


The Vampire boards can be updated to use the latest Core improvements, such as :

  • Bug fixes.
  • New features.
  • Speed improvements.
  • Compatibility improvements.

The Vampire core contains the following modules :

    • M680x0 compatible and enhanced CPU.
    • M68040 compatible and enhanced FPU.

Two different methods to update the core

Method #1 : Using .JIC binaries with Quartus II Programmer

This is the preferred method, because it is the only solution in case of broken system (brick)

It requires :

  • an USB-Blaster and cables.
  • AWindows or Linux computer.
  • Altera Quartus II Programmer installed.
  • .JIC binary file for the dedicated Vampire.
  • IMPORTANT: Quartus do NOT protect the Vampire against undedicated .JIC binaries.

How to : Install new core From Altera Quartus II Programmer.

Method #2 : Using Flashroms binaries

This the second method because :

  • IMPORTANT : FlashROM can brick a weak card ! Prefer method #1 if possible
  • FlashROM tool runs directly from AmigaOS 3.x.
  • FlashROM tool is easy to use, totally configuration-free method.
  • FlashROM tool is protected against incorrect hardware target.
  • FlashROM tool read the current revision and allow/forbid flashing if wrong hardware.

How to : Install new core From AmigaOS 3.x.


  • NEVER switch off the computer during a flash operation.
  • NEVER flash undedicated cores on a Vampire board :
  • Do NOT flash, for example, a core dedicated to V600 V2 on a V600 V1 or V500 V2+.
  • DO NOT use your Operating-System during a flash operation.
  • ALWAYS have a copy of the previous working core.
  • Having copy will be useful in case of severe bugs in new release.
  • BETTER to have a ready-to-use USB-Blaster in case of serious issue.

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