How to : Install the SAGA RTG Driver


Jason Mac Mullan kindly develops and maintains the SAGA RTG Driver to be used with the Digital Video Out of the Vampire boards. See SAGA Video Core article for more technical informations. The driver is still in a beta stage.

1) Install the required files

1.1) Install Picasso96 RTG System

  1. Download the free Picasso96 archive.
  2. Use the provided installer and follow the instructions carefully.

1.2) Install SAGA RTG Driver

  1. Download the latest SAGADriver LHA Package archive.
  2. Use the provided installer and follow the instructions carefully.

1.3) Install Universal Modeline Calculator

  1. Download UMC from Aminet.
  2. Copy the file umc/umc to C:umc

1.4) Check for Installed files

  1. Reboot your computer
  2. Check if the following files are installed in the System drive :
Filename >Version FileName FULL
C:SGDiag SGDiag 0.9b (16/05/2016) © The AROS Development Team
C:umc no information
DEVS:Monitors/SAGA no information
DEVS:Monitors/ no information
DEVS:Picasso96Settings no information
LIBS:Picasso96/emulation.library emulation.library 40.389 (19/09/1999)
LIBS:Picasso96/fastlayers.library fastlayers.library 40.48 (16/03/1998)
LIBS:Picasso96/rtg.library rtg.library 40.4029 (26/10/2014) *
LIBS:Picasso96/saga.card saga.card 0.9 (05/05/2016)
LIBS:Picasso96API.library Picasso96API.library 2.300 (19/09/1999)
SYS:Prefs/Picasso96Mode Picasso96Mode 1.560 (03/06/2001)

* The content of the original picasso96.lha archive remains unchanged, conform the license. It's legally hosted for preservation reasons. You can update the RTG.library yourself from other sources for stability improvements.

2) Configure the SAGA monitor

The SAGA-core use the FastRAM of the Vampire Board to display the video on the screen. The driver allows you to configure how many of the FastRAM will be reserved for the Video FrameBuffer. The default is 8MB. This means, after driver initialization, your available FastRAM is ( 128MB - 8MB ). You can configure this behaviour by adding a tooltype to the DEVS:Monitors/ file. This feature allows you to save unused memory by configuring the video memory size that fits your needs. Let's say someone will never use a bigger screen than 960*540*24bits, he will then need only 1.5MB.

You can easily calculates the video memory size using the following formula :

where BytesPerPixel is 1 for 8bits, 2 for 15/16bits, 3 for 24bits, and 4 for 32bits.

ToolType syntax :

where xxxx can be bytes, xxxxK (kilobytes), or xxxxM (megabytes)
K, M are not case-sensitive.




The SYS:Prefs/Picasso96Mode tool will automatically hide (disable) all the resolutions that needs more memory than the memory allocated by the SAGA driver.

SAGA RTG Driver Sources

Under MIT License driver sources :


  1. Still in beta testing, please reports any problems you find to the team.
  2. Need deeper implementation of Picasso96 subsystem, currently based on AROS

Additional informations

Additional tools

Additional hardware

Digital Video Out Adapter

Such adapters helps to put the Digital Video Out connector at bottom of the Amiga case.

Digital Video Out Amplifier adapter

Such amplifiers helps to remove noises / snow that can appears when using High resolutions on some monitors / TV.

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