Flashing Core from Quartus II Programmer

To upgrade cores, use the Altera Quartus II Programmer for Windows or Linux application and an USB-Blaster connected to the Vampire JTAG header.

End-users can use this method or by using dedicated FlashRoms binaries. See Flashing Core from AmigaOS 3.x for more informations. The Quartus method is the only one able to flash bricked cards.

Where to buy USB-Blaster

ALTERA USB-Blaster device can be found easily on many Online Shops. Estimated price is between 4USD to 15USD. Just ensure it is compatible with ALTERA Cyclone III FPGAs, and provided with :

  1. The USB-Blaster device itself.
  2. The JTAG cable.
  3. The Mini-USB to USB cable.

For example, search this item on ebay or amazon :

How to connect USB-Blaster to Vampire board

Below is the full connection chain to use :

(1) PC ⇒ (2) USB to Mini-USB cable ⇒ (3) USB-Blaster device ⇒ (4) JTAG cable ⇒ (5) Vampire JTAG header

POWER OFF your Amiga, NEVER connect or disconnect the USB-Blaster while your Amiga is powered on !

How to install Quartus II Programmer

  1. Take care of what you download on the Altera WebSite.
  2. You do NOT need the FULL Quartus application. Avoid the >1GB setup !
  3. What you need is called exactely Altera Quartus II 13.1 Programmer. It is about 200MB.
  4. There are different versions for Linux and for Windows, tested Ok on Windows 10.
  5. There are different versions for different Cyclone FPGAs.
  6. Ensure you selected the one that is compatible with the Cyclone III FPGA.
  7. Install the Altera Quartus II 13.1 Programmer setup on your computer.
  8. You might need to install by hand the USB driver for the USB-Blaster.

On Windows, open the Device Manager and ensure that the USB Driver for USB-Blaster is correctly installed. If it is NOT correctly installed, then select the .INF driver information file from the Quartus setup archive.

How to flash the Vampire from Quartus

  1. Power OFF your Amiga before connecting the USB-Blaster device.
  2. Connect the USB-Blaster to the Vampire JTAG header using the JTAG cable.
  3. Connect the USB-Blaster to the PC using the Mini-USB to USB cable.
  4. The 'POWER' LED on the USB-Blaster should be 'Red'.
  5. Open Quartus II Programmer.
  6. Click the 'Hardware Setup' button.
  7. Select the USB-Blaster item in hardware device list.
  8. Click 'Add file' and select a .JIC file to flash on the Vampire board.
  9. NEVER USE a .JIC file that is not dedicated to your hardware. It might DESTROY your FPGA.
  10. Check the 'Program/Configure' and 'Verify' options. See picture below.
  11. FYI, by selecting Erase checkbox, Vampire FPGA will emptied. So that the Amiga will boot on built-in CPU (V600).
  12. Power ON your Amiga
  13. Click 'Start' button.
  14. Your Amiga will freeze or reboot on built-in CPU during this process.
  15. Wait until flashing is finished, '100% (Successful)'. It takes about 1 or 2 minutes.
  16. Power OFF your Amiga and wait at least 10 seconds.
  17. Finally, Power ON your Amiga.


USB-Blaster device screenshot

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