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Apollo Accelerators is an Amiga Classic accelerator board product line. It uses the Apollo core which is a code compatible Motorola M68K processor but is 3 to 4 time faster than the fastest 68060 at time. It also brings Amiga Classic near to Amiga NG by bringing digital video with millions of colours.

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Fastest Amiga CPU

Faster than a 68060 at 100MHz, capable of Next Gen workloads (watching movies, listening to digital music, etc.)

Digital Video Output

32-Bit Digital output from RTG and SAGA. You can now plug in your new shiny LCD screen up to 720p.

Fast Storage

Use IDE up to 11MB/s and a MicroSD card as hard drive and say goodbye to your aging floppies and old SCSI drives.

User upgradable

New cores are uploaded directly from your Amiga, giving you new functionalities and performances when they hit the street.

Loads of memory

Ever heard of the sentence "640K Ought to be Enough for Anyone" ? Vampire is cranking it up to 128MB.


We also think paying 1500€ for an old 68060 accelerator plus RTG is pure madness.


Vampire 600 V2 Vampire 500 V2+ Vampire 1200 V2 Vampire V4 Standalone
Cyclone 3 FPGA, 128MB RAM, DigitalOut, microSD
Cyclone 3 FPGA, 128MB RAM, DigitalOut, IDE, microSD
Cyclone 3 FPGA, 128MB RAM, DigitalOut, IDE, microSD
Cyclone 5 FPGA, 512MB RAM, DigitalOut, IDE, microSD


Latest Stable Core : GOLD2.12
(Release date: 17.03.2020, ChangeLog)
Disclaimer : The firmware utility listed above can brick your product if applied incorrectly. Power failure during flashing can brick your accelerator, you will need to reprogram by an USB Blaster device in the event of a bricking. Apollo team is not responsible for any loss of data, system failure, or damages arising from the use of this tool. Please be sure to have a backup of your system and your data.
Latest SAGA Driver : Version 2.4.3
(Updated on: 09.10.2020)
1) Flash your Vampire with latest GOLD2.12 core (mandatory).
2) Get and install Picasso96 package from here. Select uaegfx during installation.
3) Install this driver.


Gunnar "BigGun" von Boehn (CPU Designer)
Christoph "ceaich" Höehne (CPU and Hardware Designer)
Igor "Majsta" Majstorovic (Hardware Designer)
Bax, claude, flype, grond, ShK, TuKo, cgugl, Cotter, pisklak, Crom00, guibrush, arczi and xboxOwn (test team)
and all the missing others ! ;-)

Lot of people were and are involved into Vampire design, list would be too long to name them all.