Frequentely Asked Questions

Below are commonly asked questions, collected from the IRC, the Apollo-Accelerators contact page, or the Amiga forums.

  • Q: I have sent email to Majsta and/or to Kipper2K and had no reply.
    • A: They are busy making cards and designing new hardware. They will recontact you once they have a card available for you, please be patient. If your question is not related to buying/repairing a card, please use our Forum instead. Also, follow the Kipper2K Updates page.
  • Q: What's the hardware roadmap for Vampires ?
    • A: V600 V2 and V500 V2+ are available. After that, V1200 will be produced.
  • Q: What's the difference between V500 V2 and V500 V2+ ?
    • A: Following changes have been made :
      1. Rework on internal layers that will probably enable higher clocks.
      2. Modification on headers ↔DIL to support much better connectors who will ensure stable connection to the Amiga motherboard
      3. Tiny improvements on video-out again regarding internal layers
      4. I/O expansion header with support for WiFi module (AP, client mode)
      5. Logo update
  • Q: When will V1200 be available ?
    • A: That is difficult to answer, this is a spare-time project of a very small team. They will be available as soon as we can get them designed and tested and manufactured. Anyway, we are aiming to release an accelerator for A1200 in 2017.
  • Q: What are specs of V1200 ?
    • A: Final specifications have not been yet fixed.
  • Q: Fine, but how much will V1200 cost ?
    • A: As final specifications have not been fixed, price is currently not set.
  • Q: I heard that there is a problem with V1200 connectors preventing it of being produced, is that right ?
    • A: That concern has been adressed and a solution has been found.
  • Q: Fine, how can I preorder a V1200 now ?
    • A: V1200 can't be preordered until we release it officialy.
  • Q: This is emulating a 68060, right ?
    • A: No, the Apollo Core is a legitimate 68000 series processor. It is not an emulation any more than your current 68k chips are.
  • Q: Can I display WHDLoad games through the digital out port ?
    • A: Not yet but this is planned ! We advice you to get a 15kHz capable monitor in the meanwhile.
  • Q: What RTG resolutions are available right now ?
    • A: The driver supports from 320×240 up to 1920×1080, however, the Pixel Clock of the Vampire is limited, so you will need a TV/monitor that can cope with low refresh rates if you want to use large modes (e.g. for 1080p you'll need to run at 24Hz vertical refresh). We recommend using 1280×720 or 960×540 for best Amiga experience.
  • Q: How many colors can the be displayed in RTG mode ?
    • A: All depths are yet available. 8, 15, 16, 24, 32bits.
  • Q: Do Vampires have a FPU ?
    • A: The implemented FPU will be a 68060 compatible FPU. FPU is currently disabled and is a WIP.
  • Q: Do Vampires have a MMU ?
    • A: MMU implementation is not currently planned for Apollo Core CPU.
  • Q: Can I run OS3.9 BB2 ?
    • A: Yes, you just have to modify SetPatch to skipromupdates scsi.device in S:Startup-Sequence to not fully load “AmigaOS ROM Update” and patch that file with our provided .pch patch.
  • Q: What third party hardware is compatible with Vampires ?
    • A: So far we have not identified any incompatible hardware.
  • Q: Do we need to use CardPatch with Vampire V600 ?
    • A: A600 do not have the PCMCIA bug. Cardpatch is not needed.
  • Q: Can I boot from microSD slot ?
    • A: Current driver revision isn't able to boot from microSD.
  • Q: Do I need to remove my kickstart ROM with Vampire ?
    • A: No, you can remove it but it's not needed.
  • Q: My V600 keeps popping off, how can I stop this ?
    • A: It may help to sand the PLCC socket. V600s from kipper2k have already been sanded. You may need to slightly tighten the left screw holding the Vampire, but be very careful, tightening too much may crack the board, and/or damage the plastic mount.
  • Q: Why am I getting crashes with PCMCIA networking ?
    • A: Disable CardPatch from your S:Startup-sequence, it is not needed with the Vampire. If that does not help, post to our forum.
  • Q: How can I prevent WHDLoad “NMI Autovector” errors from appearing ?
  • Q: Since GOLD2, Fusion and Shapeshifter don't work anymore (even with RsrvWarm/Cold or PrepareEmul). What can I do ?
    • A: Our new exec.library reserves correct amount of memory the same way as RsrvWarm/Cold did. Only thing it doesn't do is moving the VBR to FastRAM. We recommend use of tools like VBRControl to move it to FastRAM.